make 'em all mexican
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Arte Americas

Solo Exhibition
Art Gallery of New Mexico State University

Arte Americas

Solo Exhibition
The Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art

Arte Americas

Solo Exhibition
Arte Américas
Fresno, 2012


Solo Exhibition
Avenue 50 Studio
Highland Park, 2011

"Make 'Em all Mexican is biting political satire that de-constructs time-honored images to create new cultural icon. The viewer is cajoled into envisioning an imaginary and wished-for political and social status and then to forced to face the reality. Wickedly funny, these images make the viewer laugh and then apologize for 'thinking it's a joke." This new work carries a strong electric charge - to some they are hyperpolitical, for others they are emotional portals to a past remembered and sometimes forgotten, and to others they are just down right hilarious."

Make 'Em All Mexican, Blurb Books, April 2011

Mixed Media